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ColonyBorn: Virtual Reality with only your Android phone

Colonyborn: virtual reality gaming with only an Android mobile phone!

ColonyBorn is a 3D first-person space ship shooter game where you pilot a spaceship and fight intelligent enemy alien space ships.  You will also discover and explore interactive and dynamic 3D environments to achieve objectives.

Virtual reality with no extra gear needed! To steer your ship, point your phone around you in the real world.   Play while standing or use an office swivel chair for quick spin turns.  There are also non-virtual-realty controls when needed.

Price: $2.99

How to get the game:

If you are on your android phone now, the game can be downloaded by clicking here.

Otherwise, grab your phone, go to colonyborn.com and tap the ‘download now’ button.  Then, once the download completes, open it by swiping down on the phone status bar and clicking the on the downloaded file.

OR get it on the Google Play Store by clicking here.

OR search for ColonyBorn in the Google Play Store to find it there.

If you have any questions or would like to chat about the game contact me at contact@colonyborn.com.  Thanks!!

Music: Symphony of Chaos by I0TA.  Creative Commons License.